What Is A Mastermind Group?

If you like being part of my community but feel you need more personalised support, you may be suited to one of my Mastermind Groups.

What Exactly Is An Aimée Mann Mentoring Mastermind Group and How Can Being Part Of One Help You Advocate For Your Child?

A Mastermind is a group of parents/carers who’s children have Special Needs, who work together to achieve their outcomes. The group is lead and facilitated by me but the group offers feedback, support and accountability.

How Is A Mastermind Different to 1:1 Mentoring?

Whilst there will be some 1:1 Mentoring involved, most of the important work takes place in the group setting. You each get the chance to take the ‘hot seat’ to present your individual challenges and get feedback from the rest of the group and the Mastermind leader, in this case, me.

How Often Does The Group Meet?

We meet 3 times a year, face to face, for two hours at a time. There will also be regular planned opportunities to catch up and keep each other accountable online.

Why Do You Offer Group Masterminds As Well As 1:1 Mentoring?

Group work gives you access to even more ideas and experiences. More often than not, someone in the group will have been where you are. Plus, listening to others helps you get better at solving your own challenges.

Knowing you have regular, specific dates to meet with me and a group of people who really care about you, helps you to take action.

Being in a group of fellow parents/carers of children with Special Needs means you’re surrounded by people who ‘get it’, who will support you and celebrate with you.

How Much Does It Cost To Be Part of A Mastermind Group?

Each session is two hours long and costs £20. (3 sessions in total) When you work with me on a 1:1 basis, a 1 hour face to face session with regular contact between sessions is £100. Therefore, the Mastermind is 80% less expensive, so an extremely cost effective way to work with me and have additional support from a peer group. It may be that you want to work on some very personal topics and in which case one of the 1:1 options would better suit you. Click here to see all the ways you can work with me and the costs involved.

Why Isn’t There A specific Set Of Modules To Follow?

The idea of a Mastermind is that it is tailored to your individual needs and challenges. This is you time and I want it to be 100% relevant to you.

How Long Will I Be Part Of The Mastermind Group?

During the course of 2019, we will meet three times, face to face, for a two hour block each session and we will catch up regularly online in a specific Mastermind Group.

What Outcomes Can I Expect From Working With You?

You will be meeting in a supportive and understanding environment with a focus on outcomes. My job is to offer mentoring and accountability to help you achieve exactly what you need to for your child.

If you are not already a part of my community in my secret Facebook Group, The Velvets, you will be invited to join. This will give you general ongoing support.

If you would like to join me for the next round, click here to sign up.


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