What is a live workshop?

I have been delivering live workshops to parents and carers of children with special needs for over two years now. For anyone who hasn’t attended something like this, it may feel a little daunting when you don’t know what to expect. So, I thought I should tell you more.

A workshop is different to a talk or a lesson. Often in those scenarios, most of the emphasis is on listening and note taking. A live workshop gives you the opportunity to be as involved as you like. There is listening of course, to the content of the workshop but there are plenty of opportunities to develop personally. It is an interactive session. You have the chance to work on your real life challenges with personal mentoring feedback from me. You also have the chance to gain support and advice from others and listen to other people travelling a similar path to you. This gives plenty of learning opportunities and ideas around how to help yourself.

What If I Am Incredibly Shy?

Importantly though, if you are incredibly shy and can’t think of anything worse than taking part in a live workshop. Don’t worry. You only have to talk and input if you want to. There is never any pressure to do so. You will never be put on the spot to talk. My live workshops are totally safe spaces. Anything discussed is confidential within the room.

The whole point of the workshop is to provide you with support plus tools and techniques to help you around the given topic, such as advocating for your child.

“Thanks for the workshop last week. I really enjoyed it and felt that I can use some ideas to move forwards with our case. I appreciate that to family and friends who don’t have the same struggles day in and day out it’s may seem straight forwards. But as you know for children with disabilities and additional needs nothing is ever straight forwards. Having a connection and  support from others is so vital. I really appreciate your time and how positive and brave you are to share your own personal story to support others.” Julie

If you would like to read more of the feedback, from parents and carers just like you, who have attended a live workshop, click here to visit the Testimonials page on my website.

Looking forward to seeing you at a live workshop.



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