Ways You Can Work With Me.

There are a number of different ways you can work with me so to keep it simple, I’ve outlined everything below. Please drop me an email at aimeemannmentoring@gmail.com if you would like to know more or book with me.


1:1 Mentoring

Why do people work with me in this way you might ask? Often, there are specific things your child might need which you are struggling to secure and need help in planning to achieve or, it might be that you want to work on your personal feelings or relationships which are straining under the pressure of having a child with disabilities. The list is wide open and the requirements are as individual as the person booking.


1 Hour Zoom/Skype call plus one email follow up between sessions. £60 each.

1 Hour Face to Face meeting (location dependent) plus one email follow up between sessions. £80 each.

1 Hour Face to Face meeting (location dependent) with regular email contact between sessions. £100 each.


Group Mastermind Class.

Group mentoring offers so many possibilities. This is especially useful if you need help planning well formed outcomes and a plan of attack to gain services/support your child needs. When you are struggling to get your voice heard, this offers a supportive solution. I lead the group using mentoring methods whilst the group supports each other and offers advice. Check out my blog What is a Mastermind and Why Should I Take Part?

3 X two Hour Sessions (6 people at a time) Held in the Warwickshire area. £20 per person, per session = £60 in total for the Mastermind course.


Live Workshops

I have been running live workshops (check out my blog ‘What Is A Live Workshop?’ to learn more) for the past two years with some fantastic results for attendees. (Check out my testimonials page)There is ongoing support via my secret Facebook Group, The Velvets. Keep your eye on my Facebook Page for up to date news and information.

Public Speaking

If you would like to book me to take part in an event or provide public speaking services please contact me directly by email on aimeemannmentoring@gmail.com

Content Writing

I write articles for on-line publications on a variety of topics. Please contact me directly by email on aimeemannmentoring@gmail.com

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