“I simply cannot praise Aimee’s workshops high enough! Invaluable to anyone currently wading through the SEN jungle!
I was at such a low point when I first met Aimee, and felt totally exhausted, but with the help of some new found velvet techniques and a better understanding of emotional resillience, my mindset shifted, and I have single handedly managed to not only achieve a higher level of support for my son, but also managed to navigate a pretty corrupt system, securing numerous professional assessments and reports along the way, in a very short space of time! A further velvet victory happened today when the LA overturned there decision to refuse an ehcp assessment during mediation.
I simply could not have achieved what I have, without the empowerment gained during these workshops.
Thankyou so much Aimee xxx”

“I approached ‘Aimee Mann Mentoring for Special Needs’ after seeing an advert on Facebook about a workshop. The title really took hold of me, ‘How To Be A Velvet bulldozer’. That was what I wanted. I struggled so much with my emotions that my child’s meetings became more about my frustration than getting a good outcome. This offered an inspirational talk filled with experience and information that changed everything.

One thing I liked was Aimee’s ability to get across how to organise and take the lead in your child’s meetings so you get the best possible outcome.

I found the experience empowering and it has had a hugely positive impact on getting the right care and support for my little boy. A big heartfelt thank you and I would highly recommend attending one of these workshops and joint support group.”     Tricy Isherwood

“Thanks for the workshop last week. I really enjoyed it and felt that I can use some ideas to move forwards with our case. I appreciate that to family and friends who don’t have the same struggles day in and day out it’s may seem straight forwards. But as you know for children with disabilities and additional needs nothing is ever straight forwards. Having a connection and  support from others is so vital. I really appreciate your time and how positive and brave you are to share your own personal story to support others.” Julie

“I am a mum of two disabled boys under age of 5. I came across Aimee Mann mentoring through entrust care. I could instantly relate to Aimee because of her experiences as a mum and advocate for her son. I struggled with keeping track of appointments and chasing professionals and progressing the boys treatments. I also struggled with self care and feeling overwhelmed with the relentless demands placed on me as carer. I attended two of her workshops. ‘Velvet bulldozer’ helped me to focus on getting the most out of meetings with professionals by writing down beforehand what I wanted to say and what I needed them to action. ‘Emotional resilience’ helped me to prioritise self care and adjust perspective beyond drowning in the now. Aimee is an inspiration is many ways. She provides a much needed injection of positivity, reassurance, hope and holistic intelligence. I would thoroughly recommend her workshops. She never disappoints.” Sonia Seran Lal

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from Aimee’s workshop as I signed up on a whim after seeing a Facebook past but I’m really glad I attended. Her sound advice and guidance, built on significant personal experience, has really helped me clarify how I will approach discussion about my son in the future. It affirmed my role and gave me some concrete techniques I could use. In addition, Aimee has advised me about a specific meeting I was attending. She gave me time and space to explain and form my goals an supported me with necessary preparation to ensure I got what my son needed (which we did in the meeting the following day). “ Melissa Odling

“Another fantastic workshop – Thank you! Together with this and the Velvet Bulldozer, I’m definitely feeling more equipped to deal with future meetings. Cant thank you enough. xxx” Karen Logan

“After becoming more and more frustrated with the meetings that have either taken place without my involvement or just not entered correctly around my child, I was so pleased to be in attendance at the How To Be A Velvet Bulldozer event. The content and advice that Aimee provided helped me to reevaluate how a productive meeting should be run and that I am the perfect professional of my own child that should be in control and run it. It helped me to visualise what outcome I wanted and needed for myself and my child and that the negativity of ‘the constant service battle’ did not need to be thought about or discussed. I am delighted with the way my last TAC meeting went and I left with a feeling that the professionals respected my requests and valued my opinions.” Tina Nesbitt (The best bit is that Tina told me a few days after she wrote this that the care package she was working towards securing has been awarded.)

“Please let Aimee know she did brilliantly today. She’s so brave standing up in front of people telling everyone how to be stronger. Do totally admire her and her strength. Xx” Sarah


“I don’t normally go to these kind of things. i have felt so low I had to do something. This course/talk came up and resonated with me. I feel now I can take a step forward.” Anon

“Great to have a course that is focussed on you as a parent and the skills that you need to advocate for your child.”
“Excellent. Aimee has an intuitive relaxed way of being in tune with her emotional intelligence.”
“Aimee is very approachable and made everyone feel comfortable. Useful and empowering tips and real life examples.”
“Really enjoyed the session. The speaker (Aimee) spoke from the heart, has used the techniques she was describing and gave real life examples – thanks for sharing.”
“Excellent course and very valuable. Thank you very much.”
“A light, informative meeting with so many positives. Aimee has given a bright positive outlook that is relevant to many situations.”
“Really useful. Loved the breakdown questions to help prep for meetings.”
“Thank you for tackling this so well and empowering me.”
“Really helpful to hear the story and really practical and encouraging advice/approach.”
“Very useful information and ideas to help navigate the special needs progress.”
“Positive, informative and collaborative. Lovely to meet everyone. Thank you.”
“Really informative. Felt supported and great to meet other parents in a similar situation. Great tips to build on.”
“The presentation was very good, friendly and informative and I feel I have more skills to move forward. I would also like to attend future events and looking forward to joining her (Secret Mentoring Facebook) group.” 
“Thank you. Very helpful and appreciated.”
“Went so quickly. Ill write points and post them on my cupboard. Such an inspiration. Would love to do as many as possible (workshops in the series). 100% (comfortable, relaxed and supported)”
“Thank you so much. Well presented details spoken confidently, There is definitely a gap in the market for supporting parents of kids with disabilities.”
“Great session. Want More!”
“Really helpful. Feeling more confident.”