The good news is, I’m saving loads of money on makeup, shampoo and going to the hairdressers. The bad news is, my roots are starting to look hideous and the money I have saved is being spent on food. They never stop eating or asking for snacks. I’ve had to start rationing them and remind myself not to keep opening the fridge door when I’m a bit bored.

One thing that’s become clear over the past weeks is that my children very often mistake me for a servant. I am apparently also the only adult in the house who knows where anything is or can help them, even though Ollie is here too. I am over touched, over spoken to, the house is a tip and my biggest gripe is that there is always a poo in one of our loos. Never flushed. I swear I must clean each toilet more than once a day.

On the plus side, I did manage to mop the kitchen floor, first time since lockdown began. Don’t Judge. And, thanks to my friend, who’s new obsession it is to look out for click and collect slots, I managed to get one, last minute, to save me going to the supermarket. Yay.

We did have a couple of really terrible days last week and each day has its ups and downs but the end of the week was much better. My children only made me cry once, so that’s a win.

Freddie’s Challenge

In other news, I am notorious for having great ideas and then delegating them out to others. Often, my long suffering husband gets the brunt and has to just says yes. (a happy wife is a happy life and all that) My brilliant idea this weekend was for Ollie to help Freddie ride 26km on their bikes to raise money for Entrust Care Partnership. Entrust is a local charitable organisation which helps and supports some of the most vulnerable children and families in our community. The work they do supports children and adults with additional needs and disabilities and their families. Lynne and the team have been instrumental in helping Freddie and our family and we wanted to give something back to help continue all the fabulous opportunities they provide.

So many people have already been incredibly supportive which has been overwhelming and we are so grateful for everyone’s support. It has also given Freddie a boost to keep peddling during week 6 of lockdown.

Please have a look at the link for our Go Fund Me page and share with anyone you know. Unrestricted financial support is essential to keep these small charitable organisations going and supporting those who need it the most. Thank you.

Good luck with week six. Catch you next week. xx


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