My youngest had his 5th Birthday just after Easter. He was really gutted not to have his friends here for a party. He’s been talking about his party since January so we tried our best to make it a great day for him. We made the food he chose, BBQ, strawberry’s, chocolate Birthday cake and toasted Marshmallows to make S’mores. We borrowed a friends fire pit and put our coats on and sat outside and played. It wasn’t the party he’d dreamt of but he enjoyed it and so did we. Another plus was that it was less expensive than a full on party and not as much clearing up to do. Win.

Home F*@ck1ng Learning

OMG, the pain. It’s only day 1. The pain of home schooling one child who really doesn’t want to do it and lets you know LOUD and clear (even though they love it at school) another who is kind of happy to do it but would rather be rolling around in the mud with his Avenger toys and a third who has no home learning to speak of but would really love to have some.

Learning a new language or to play the guitar, write my book on Advocating for Children with SN, baking banana bread (what’s with all the posts about banana bread?) or just going the whole day being able to let out swear words would be ace. Unfortunately, it’s not to be. I’m so lucky to have my children, don’t get me wrong but I’m going a bit bat shit crazy. It’s full on, all day, every Groundhog Day.

The decibel level in our house is so high at times, it’s hard to hear myself think. The cracks in our emotions are starting to show. It’s not been without it’s challenges but we’ve been ok so far. A two week block of home school and then a two week block of no demands. We didn’t get dressed at all some days. We’ve certainly been getting our moneys worth from the Disney, Netflix and Sky subscriptions we hold. Sitting and playing in the garden and eating way too much chocolate. I’ve made it sound like we’re an Insta family. However, there has been much about it which has been more horror show.


I sort of love seeing all the creative and ‘look how bright my child is’ #makingmemories posts being farmed out daily but I also feel like saying ‘Jog on Mary Poppins, my 9 year old has a severe learning disability and can’t even write his name, let alone recite a five verse poem but he has independently washed his own hands WITH soap this week. He gets massive negative sensory feedback from soap so this is genuinely huge. I’ve kept my children safe, out of A&E, fed them (three thousand snacks plus three meals), at least one of them has watched about five hours of TV in one hit and I’m yet to have a shower and I see that as a Win.” But, I don’t, not directly anyway. Lol.

I Miss Real People

After four weeks and a minimum of another three to go, I’m getting serious cabin fever. I miss people. We’ve used Zoom such a lot and it’s been so great to catch up with friends (even managed to give myself a hangover after one night on Zoom, oops) and family but I miss actually being with people. We can get out in the fresh air for our daily exercise, which I’m hugely grateful for but I want to go to the pub.

I want to go to the shops. Not just the supermarket where I pretty much hold my breath the whole way round and escape as quickly as possible. Meet friends for a coffee or work from a cafe for the morning. It’s so claustrophobic. Not necessarily the actual act of not going anywhere but not having the choice to go where I want, when I want. I’m sure you must feel the same. Obviously it’s right we do this and I wouldn’t do it any other way, for the safety of us all. But enough already. Pretty much I mean, enough already with home schooling, refereeing my children and holding in all my swear words. I want to go to the pub with my friends now.



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