Time is so precious.

Time with our children, time to see friends and family, time to work, time to fit in the appointments and therapies for my child, time to clean and wash clothes, time to go out and enjoy myself, time to sleep. Fitting everything in is a real skill and one that can be somewhat overwhelming at times. I have lists coming out of my ears and each day I’m barely scratching the surface. I prioritise the most important things, especially if they can be done quickly. I do however have a growing To Do list of things I would really like to do or get done for me. These things are generally getting further and further down the list no matter how organised I am.

As the New Year came and went I felt as if i was drowning under the weight of the contents of our house. Plastic multicoloured toys, clothes and general stuff. Half of which we don’t need or use. With not enough hours in the day and my increasing level of tiredness, I decided to take action. Under normal circumstances, I would have spent an hour or so in a vague attempt to de-clutter the house. I would have become distracted and thought about each item way too much and probably not got very far.  Knowing myself fairly well and knowing this wasn’t going to cut it, I decided to bring in the expert. I needed focus and a gentle kick up the bottom to get me moving and make a real impact.

Yesterday morning at 9am sharp, Ruth arrived at my house. Ruth is The Time Fairy. Anything you need help with to give you time, she is your lady, your own personal PA. De-cluttering, help with To Do lists, weekly or one off assistance. You need it, she can do it.

At first, I questioned my own need for The Time Fairy, surely I can just get these tasks done by myself? I could do but it might not happen for another 5 years and the job wouldn’t be complete. I needed help and focus. Click here to read Ruths Blog on why we should de-clutter. For three full hours we de-cluttered my bedroom. How bad can it be you ask? Well, it was 7 bin bags to charity, 2 bin bags of recycling and one bin bag in the actual bin. All just my stuff, clothes I haven’t worn for 10 years, shoes I have no need or desire for. I couldn’t believe it. My room is now feeling very Fung Shui. We had a little time at the end so between us, we sorted out the clothes of my two youngest children. Another bag to charity and one to recycling. I think I needed Ruth in my life a long time ago.

Before                  After            Charity/recycle  

I’m very used to thinking of my children first when it comes to spending money but sometimes you just have to put yourself first. For me, clearing my house helps to give me a clear head and reduce one the stress elements in my life. I’ll be booking Ruth again this year I’m sure. If I could I would have her every week but the reality is, a bit of support once and a while is more doable for me. Getting time for yourself can come in many different guises so find out what would help you the most and take action to make it happen. We all need looking after as much as our children do.




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