No More Floor Campaign

Francesca Anker and Emily Naismith are two ladies on a mission.

The mission is to raise money to have a Changing Places facility installed in the Priors Shopping Centre in Leamington Spa. Raising money for a toilet? You would think there were enough toilets around wouldn’t you. Well, there are, just not for children like Francesca’s, Emily’s or mine and not for adults with special needs and disabilities either.


The age old story for our families is either that you don’t go out, you cut the outing short, your child has to remain in their own faeces until you do get home, or you lay your child or the adult you are caring for a on a filthy floor. The same floor most people wouldn’t dare to put their handbag down on. Often covered in mud, urine and occasionally faeces.

I know that I wouldn’t voluntarily lay down in a public toilet. I don’t think I have ever, even as a teenager, been drunk enough to think that was a good idea. Therefore, I’m certainly not going to lay Freddie down in there.

Our families need a larger area, a changing bench, preferably one that can be automatically raised and lowered, a hoist, clean and hygienic surroundings. The usual disabled toilets you see are often in the same filthy state and are really only compatible to those who can independently lift themselves from their wheelchair or with some assistance. Not everyone lives with that type of disability.

All we want is dignity for our children, the ability to enjoy going out with friends and family without worry and the equipment that means we as parents and carers won’t have back injury after back injury lifting those we care for. Is it really too much to ask for?  Can you imagine if the rest of the population had to wait until they got home to use the toilet? What no public convenience I hear you cry?

The reality is that all it takes, is roughly the size of a car parking space. You can’t believe that in every town and city we haven’t got that much space to spare? Vaila Morrison, Blogger at The Inclusive Home (BAPS SEND BLOG AWARDS Finalist 2017) is working hard on this campaign too. Vaila is an Architect and mother. Passionate about sustainable and inclusive design. You can read more about her campaign here.

Please, please support this brilliant cause in any way you can. You can follow the No More Floor Campaign on their Facebook page or on their website No More Floor Campaign and you can also read about the Changing Places campaign here.

No More Floor are running a Spring Bonanza to raise money for the facilities needed. It is at Lillington Primary School on April 2nd between 12pm-4pm. It is just £1 per adult and free for children. It sounds like it will be a great fun day out. Please go along and support them.