Hi, my name is Aimee, thanks for visiting my mentoring blog. What’s all this mentoring business about I hear you ask? Well, I’ve got three beautiful children and my first born, Freddie, has special needs. He was born with an undiagnosed genetic condition which presented itself as global developmental delay. This meant we didn’t and still don’t have a prognosis for his future, or ours. Even though earlier this year we received a diagnosis of TUBA 1A, it is so rare, with hardly any information held about it that I still think of Freddie as a Swan.

My hubby and I are fortunate to have fabulous family and friends but we were well and truly lost. I struggled for a long time to find any personalised, individual support for us as parents. After a few years I found SWAN UK, an amazing charity with an incredible support network for parents and their children with undiagnosed genetic conditions. This has been a life line for me as we navigate our way through the unknown so much so that I became part of the SWAN UK voluntary team of Parent Representatives.

The thing that has always been missing for me though is guidance from someone who has walked in shoes similar to mine. I craved to know how best to handle my emotions, how to handle social situations and how to achieve the best outcomes for Freddie and for us. Over time, I’ve learnt a lot from some amazing family, friends, mentors, NLP and relaxation techniques. So, feeling determined to help other families loving and caring for their children with special needs and disabilities, I decided to set up Aimee Mann Mentoring. I want this blog, my Facebook page, private group and the future projects to be somewhere I can share our story and provide useful information and strategies to build a connection and a community of strength. A community of knowledge, support and empowerment.img_7199


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