Soul Food: Fuelling Yourself With Energy

Being a parent or carer of a child with special needs and disabilities can be pretty exhausting. All the extra lifting, personal care, therapy, appointments, challenges and disturbed sleep contribute to overwhelm and exhaustion.

It is imperative that we look after ourselves as much as we can. One of the ways is with soul food, the right food to fuel us with energy.

Here Are My Top Tips.

Make sure you include some Iron rich foods. Plant based sources likes beans, lentils and spinach. Make sure you eat them with Vitamin C rich foods to assist the absorption of Iron.

Avoid refined sugars and carbs and gofer slow release whole grain versions, like brown rice and wholemeal pasta. Oats are also excellent for slow release energy, as is quinoa.

Good fats are essential for energy. You could look at nuts, especially walnuts and almonds plus seeds such as sesame and chia. You could serve them with live yoghurt and berries or a some mixed oats. You could make an overnight Bircher Muesli, like this one in Deliciously Ella, in advance for a quick and easy to grab breakfast.

Antioxidants are also important for energy as they fight free radicals and help cells to perform at their best. Anything with Vitamins A (carrots, eggs, butter, kale, spinach & broccoli), C (strawberries, lemons, oranges, broccoli & grapefruit) and E (avocado, spinach, sweet potato, almonds & wheat germ).

A practical, easy way to get your fruit intake up is to buy frozen fruit.

Lean protein will also help to boost your energy levels. Poultry, white fish, oily fish scubas salmon and mackerel. If the smell of a roast dinner or a warm and spicy curry fill your mind with happy memories then indulge in what gives you comfort. Food for the soul.

Pick just 5 of these items to introduce into your day and I am sure, like me, you will find it makes a difference to your energy levels.



(I am not a qualified nutritionist, these are just some of the food choices I make to help with my energy levels and all opinions are my own.)