Friday Night is Out Out Night

I think I can safely say we have survived week one of the school holidays. It is all in the planning.

Freddie has been pretty tired and suffering from sensory overload which is normal for the end of term. Thankfully he doesn’t seem to have experienced any Absence Seizure activity but we have had a few mornings of constant screaming and crying. It is an endurance task thats for sure. How SAS recruits get through the task of listening to a baby screaming constantly for three days with their eyes blindfolded I will never know.

It hasn’t been all screaming mind you. We had a Party for my Grandpa’s 90th Birthday, A trip on the mini London Eye wheel in Stratford Upon Avon with my Mum, a trip to the MAD Museum, a play date (kids go wild eating too many sweets whilst I drink tea and chat with a friend) and I managed a few hours out on my own thanks to Gagoo.

Star of the week goes to Freddie though. We have been working on helping him to take off his own shoes and socks independently for a long time now. This week he did both shoes and socks totally independently. Not just once but twice. Might not sound like much, especially as he is 6 years old but this is a major achievement for him. Working those fine motor skills and planning. Very proud.

Bella, although only four years old, is already battling me for my hairbrush. WTF? I was ‘informed’ this morning that I take too long drying my hair and that she wasnt finished with said brush so I would have to wait. Heaven help me when she reaches teenage years.

Jago woke me this morning and whispered into my ear “Mummy, ice cream” “Mummy, pop pops” “Mummy, sweeties”. I promise, I really do feed my children a well balanced diet. Since when do we have those things for breakfast? Got to give him credit for trying mind you.

Last but not least. Ollie likes to keep me on my toes by coming up with an ever growing list of things he can do to really annoy me. It’s part of what keeps the laughter going really. It could be anything from talking constantly in a stupid voice whilst I’m trying to have a serious conversation with him to touching my teeth whilst I’m talking. Getting the feeling he wants me to stop talking. LOL.

This weeks efforts have been to physically shh me whilst talking. Pretty much like the scene from Dumb and Dumber. Argh. He is a constant wind up merchant.

Thankfully we get to go ‘Out Out’ tonight. I’m a little scared. Our friends are pretty good at drinking and I’m really NOT good at drinking. I will be attempting to drink a glass of water with every Gin & Tonic and I definitely won’t be going at the same pace. Three small people depending on us for their entertainment tomorrow, no sleeping in until lunch time and sitting around drinking tea all afternoon for us. Ah, those were the days.

Have a great weekend. xx