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Do you find it a battle to cope with being the parent of a child with disabilities and additional needs? Are you overwhelmed, exhasuted and stressed nearly all of the time? The Ebb and Flow of our lives takes us through shock, grief, relief, anxiety, joy, acceptance and back around again in the cycle as our children grow. I have experienced, and still do, all of these emotions and more. 

I have been so unable to cope in the past that I have looked at medication and I also ended up in the Neurologists office, fearing the worst. Have you also experienced high levels of stress and possibly physical illness as a result?

Would you like to learn Top Tips and quick wins to build your emotional resilience in just a couple of hours? 

This workshop will provide you with a greater understanding of what emotional resilience is and what you can do to strengthen your mental and physical health to help you cope day to day with your role of Parent Carer.

My Story

With self-belief, self-study & coaching I now understand the role of Emotional Resilience in my life. The life I didn’t imagine but the one that I have. Are you nodding at the familiarity of those words? The life you didn’t imagine but the one you have!

The ability to adapt to adversity can help lessen the stress you feel as you experience those life changes. For us as Parents of children with Special Needs, those stages could be anything from the birth of your child, their diagnosis or constant lack of, starting nursery, an overwhelm of appointments, your child needing medical intervention, operations, starting school, being discharged from regular meetings, the list goes on. Sound familiar?

I am so keen to share with you what I have learnt and the techniques I use to help me continue to build my Emotional Resilience. We can all have a toolbox to build our Emotional Resilience.

You can read one of my blogs on the subject, either on my website or on The Mighty website where is was published.

We will be in a relaxed and supportive environment, making it a safe space to share your experience and talk about challenges and how to overcome them with some positive actionable ideas.

The Workshop will run between 10-11.30am. 

Look forward to seeing you there.



“I simply cannot praise Aimee’s workshops high enough! Invaluable to anyone currently wading through the SEN jungle! 
I was at such a low point when I first met Aimee, and felt totally exhausted, but with the help of some new found velvet techniques and a better understanding of emotional resillience, my mindset shifted, and I have single handedly managed to not only achieve a higher level of support for my son, but also managed to navigate a pretty corrupt system, securing numerous professional assessments and reports along the way, in a very short space of time! A further velvet victory happened today when the LA overturned there decision to refuse an ehcp assessment during mediation. 
I simply could not have achieved what I have, without the empowerment gained during these workshops.Thankyou so much Aimee xxx”Karen

“I am a mum of two disabled boys under age of 5. I came across Aimee Mann mentoring through entrust care. I could instantly relate to Aimee because of her experiences as a mum and advocate for her son. I struggled with keeping track of appointments and chasing professionals and progressing the boys treatments. I also struggled with self care and feeling overwhelmed with the relentless demands placed on me as carer. I attended two of her workshops. ‘Velvet bulldozer’ helped me to focus on getting the most out of meetings with professionals by writing down beforehand what I wanted to say and what I needed them to action. ‘Emotional resilience’ helped me to prioritise self care and adjust perspective beyond drowning in the now. Aimee is an inspiration is many ways. She provides a much needed injection of positivity, reassurance, hope and holistic intelligence. I would thoroughly recommend her workshops. She never disappoints.”

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