New Year, New Set of Plans.

Now that the holiday season has come to a close, everyone is heading back to work and school, the appointments are starting to flood in again and the possibility of overwhelm is high.

I’m planning on having a bespoke planner, diary and journal for all of us in our Mentoring Community to use in the near future but until that’s ready,  I wanted to share with you some good options for planning this year.

If you are looking for a good all rounder for a diary, a little daily gratitude to look back on and space for free flow notes and lists the 365 Daily Planner could be a good option for you.

For pure planning, appointments, targets, to do lists of who to contact and when a good diary can do the job. The Personal Daily Planner Organiser has no date constraints so you can start at any point. Simple and easy to use.

Maybe focussing on your goals is the key for this year. If so, the Inspire Now Journal would be great. Again, it has no date constraints so you can start it on whatever date you like. Think goals for your child but also goals for you to help build your emotional resilience. If you have it written down, I always think it is a bit like an agreement with yourself that you will put that time aside just for you. Book in the weekly run or walk with friends or the regular coffee meet up with a friend. Get it booked and get it  done – for you.

If 365 days of gratitude feels a bit overwhelming, ‘Natalie Fox’s 100 Days Of Gratitude Will Change Your Life‘ could be more doable. Forget the planning and focus just on those things. When days are hard and there are challenges around every corner, I find it really useful to write down at the end of each day the three things I’m grateful for. When I look back on my entries, be it something small or something big like the fact that we managed a family trip to the cinema without a meltdown which was huge progress, it all adds up. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the good and the great.

Lastly, anyone who has met me will know I do like a little bit of mindfulness and meditation. If you are totally new to this then you could start with the top line basics in this handy book, ‘The Little Book Of Mindfulness’.

Good luck. x


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