SWAN UK at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Today we had our SWAN UK trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. After days of pouring rain, the sun came out and shone down on the park.
We didn’t get off to a particularly smooth start in our house. Some personal care issues, a Swan melt down from a very stressed and upset Freddie, a bird stuck in the log burner which caused Teddington, our Jack Russel, to bark and bark as if we had an intruder in the house and 2 siblings who couldn’t wait to get going. Phew.
We were a bit behind schedule and then hit two huge traffic jams. After a chaotic morning, we arrived late but in one piece. Not great for the Parent Representative to be probably the last person to arrive but we did have balloons.
Many of our SWAN UK members met at lunch time for a picnic on the grass. So great to meet new families and also to see some familiar faces. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. It was lovely to see our SWAN UK balloons, lovingly filled with helium by my hubby Ollie, travelling all over the park as the families wondered, taking in the sights.

I just love that only Freddie is looking at the camera. Ha Ha, photo fail.

We saw Monkeys, Lions, Giraffes, Rhino, birds and Penguins to name a few. The train ride was an essential part of the day. I think we heard “Freddie on train” around 100 times during the picnic and trip to the playground before we even got to the train. Bella was most pleased that Bella is also the name of the train.

The Cotswold Wildlife Park now has a Changing Places facility which made a huge difference to the enjoyment of the day out. No undignified changing in the boot of the car in the car park this time. Instead, a private place to take care of your loved ones personal care needs. Big high five to CWP.

It was then time for an ice cream before the trip home. Oh and the joyful visit to the shop. Bella was determined to buy something with her pocket money. She is now the proud owner of a cuddly toy pig. She has given him the very original name of Piggy. Yay, more soft toys.

Freddie, Bella and Jago were asleep in the car on the way home within 5 minutes of leaving the park.

Thank you SWAN UK for giving us a fab day out and the chance to meet other SWAN UK families. Looking forward to the next day out. xx